Hi, I’m the New Guy

Hi There! To tell you the truth, I’m not actually new, i was originally supposed to be with Green, Union, And Piggy, but i was busy reading an Awesome Series of books and was too busy to make time for a blog. But after i finished them with my Super-Fast Reading skills, i joined the blog.

My Speciality is Writing. I’ll be writing them whenever i feel like it, and even though i may not be Consistant, i’ll Garuntee you that they’re good! I Probably won’t do many reviews unless i REALLY Like/Dislike it.

P.S. I Also have a Series of Bookzilla Games out, if you see them, check em out!

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Beep-Beep-Beep Three hunched figures stand over a stained operating table, they work endlessly over some chunk of meat lying on the table. Tubes run through the hunk of meat as life sustain minerals travel through somehow keeping it alive “I’m telling you the transfusion won’t work.” Says one of the scientists. “We have no other choice” says scientist number two. “There is always a choice” Says number three. “We just have to make it”.

 “This is insanity!” Number one mutters. “Who are we to play god!” No one speaks. “We aren’t god your right were just twisting the laws he’s written to make something new there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“You’re insane” Whispers number one. “I have been a religious man my whole life and if I have learned anything I learned that you cannot create life!” Exasperated he leaves the room and throws away his blood stained gloves. Numbers turns to get him, but number three stops him, “We have more important matters to attend to we must finish the procedure. We will soon deal with the trader.

So the two figures return to their work over there sponge of meat quietly adding to it as it grows into a humanoid form. Hours later as the figure is close to complete they reunite the final piece with the horrifying figure, the head. As the scientist mad as they are finish of the final stitches number one sneaks in behind them wielding club, “Back away from the creature.” He whispers, the scientist continue their work. Speaking up this time he repeats “Back away from the creature!” the startled scientist jump out of their skins. Spinning around on their heels the Scientists glare at their former college, “don’t be a fool!” Snarls Number three.

“I’m sorry,” says number one “this creature will spell the end of mankind and I cannot let that happen. I may be a religious man but I will not let you two stop me.” Number One raises the club above his head, “So move” he says, bringing the club crashing down the Scientist jump out o the way. The club held in the hands of the would be hero of mankind thumps down against the heart that lies inside of the creature, the heart beats. “How stupid are you!” yells number three “That so called ‘creature’ is a scientific brake through we can now create life! Can you not see the endless possibilities that could possible come from that?”

          A wind picks up in the windowless room but it goes unnoticed by the men. “You’re a Mad Man! You Are Not God! It Is Not Your Place to Create Life!” Screams Number one “But It Is I Have! I Can Control The Universe!” Yells the insane Number Three, but his glory is short lived, for on the keen ear of the creature that Number Three gave life The Argument does not go unnoticed.The creature eye begins to glow as it is slowly woken from its limbo between life and death. So caught up in argument are the men that the creature goes unnoticed as it slowly sits up on the blood stained table and takes in it’s the surrounding. The creature’s clawed hands grip the table and it folds underneath them like butter. The creature takes in a deep breath and lets out a roar. One and Two dare not look, but Number Three looks at its creation with almost a loving look in his eyes.

          Number One and Two run away in fear leaving Three to his own demise a halo of power circles the creatures head pulling and tugging at what laid in the room in a searching manner then when the tendrils found what they were searching for it flew to its head. Medical books. Circling the creatures head the books settled around it and it absorbs the information within. The eyes of the creature glint at its creature and with Medical precision he kills him.
          Bookzilla is born

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Welcome to the first in a series of Segments I like to call “Blargg”

These Segments are about doing an investigaton on people that are often flamed, to see if they really deserve it. We’ll do our best to be Objective.


SonictheHedgehogxx is known for Copying, Cheating, and Slithering his way to fame. But on the other hand, many people feel sympathetic toward him for being picked on so much, and he has “Quit” ROBLOX Several Times.

The Opinon of most people who Don’t Hate Him:

These people beleive that Sonic is a Kind, Fun-Loving person, and people shouldn’t be so upset about the “Little” things he has done. Some of these people don’t even beleive he did these things, But since proof exsists that he did, I rule them out.

The Opinion of most of the people that Do:

These people beleive that sonic is an Ad copying, Free-model Using Noob, who has been placed in a state of power he doesn’t deserve.

My Personal Evaluation:

I Know for a fact that sonic steals ads, he’s stolen mine. I also know that he uses free-models for the basis of almost all of his games. Personality wise, he may be a “Nice” person, but he has also manipulated people into Pitying him, by whining about everyone is so mean and he’s going to “Quit” ROBLOX, he uses the sympathy that get’s stirred up so he can make more money, and it works. Besides, The Main reasons why people hate him is because he does horrible things in connection to the world of Building, and since ROBLOX is (Or was) completely based around building, shouldn’t his ability to handle that be fairly more important than his personality? (Exxagerated as it may be)

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“Blow Dryer” Gear Review


Personally, This is one of my all-time favorite gears simply because of the Absurdity and originality of this gear.

The Description Reads: “Point and hold down the left mouse button to unleash a stream of hot air that will blow the competition away”  And that’s exactly what it does. It’s relayively effective, the only difference between this and the staff of winds is that it shoots bubbles (Wich doesn’t make any sense beacuse it’s a hair dryer, not a bubble blower.)

Besides blowing people about 40 Studs away, this gear doesn’t do much else, but it’s better than the staff of winds and Funnier too. I Suggest this to anybody who already has a full arsenal of weapons meant for pain.

Genres: Town and City

Attributes: Ranged Weapon, Navigation Enhancer

Range: 5/10

Accuracy: 6/10

Roblox Culture: 8/10

Damage: 2/10

Extra Effects: 3/10

Overall Rating: 4.8/10

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New Summer Desktop!

I Had this Idea yesterday when the temperature was so hot, you could fry eggs on the Sidewalk (Cliche for the Win!) What you see here is a Snowman (Or as i like to call them, Snowbloxians) Melting under the pressure of the Mid-August Heat. How he made it this far, i don’t know.

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“Cuddly Killer Whale” Review

When I first saw this hat, i thought it would cover your whole head, so I bought. When I wore it, I thought to myself, “I just wasted 80 R$!”  Hat goes on top of your head, and actually does not look good at all! The picture for the hat makes it look so epic! But it’s not. If you’re Trying to make your character theme underwater and trying to make it look like the killer whale is in/out of the water. Then it’s a good hat. But otherwise, do not get this hat!

My Overall rating? 

Looks: 3/10 

Combo possibility: 5/10 

ROBLOX culture: 2/10 

Overall Score: 3.3/10

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Poll Time!: Prices of Gear

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to debate. Many people have whined, complained, begged suggested that the admins upload some gear for Tickets, so NBCers can afford SOMETHING. Do you agree with this idea?

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Funny Video: Randumbness

Here’s a low-quality, dumb roblox video I made.

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Guide to Make Pwnsome Clothes With Photoshop: Part 1

For those of you who know me on ROBLOX, you know i make pretty awesome clothes and such. For those of you who don’t, i make most of the pictures you see on this blog, there is perhaps two i didn’t make. I have gotten many requests from many people that they wan’t me to teach them how to be so good at making shirts. But i don’t have the time to teach 300 kids how to use an expensive program… so i’m writing this.

Part 1: Introduction

Forst of all, This Guide is for teaching you how to make Awesome ROBLOX clothes using Adobe Photoshop and only photoshop. First of all, you’ll need Adobe photoshop or adobe photoshop elements. Elements is cheaper but slightly harder to find.

Second, make sure you have room on your computer, because my instructions call for alot of seperate files, and thats not even counting the shirts you’ll want to make anyway! You’ll need to create a bunch of Folders too. First Create a Folder Entitled “ROBLOX Stuff” In this folder, create 4 new folders. Shirts, Pants, Ads, And templates. If you feel like loosing all your files, all the folders but templates are optional.

For those of you who don’t know, a template is a photoshop file that can be used over and over again. (I.E. You make a storm trooper shirt and you keep a template so you can change the color and make more) I’ll include more information next time, but until then…

T.T.F.N. (Ta Ta For Now!)

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