LolCats: The History

On a post card in 1905, may be the first lolcat ever made. The cat in the little suit is saying “What’s Delaying My Dinner?”  It would be amazing if someone found an older lolcat, but for now, this one is the oldest lolcat in existence. The next lolcat is said to be the oldest, but it’s not, the post card cat is. Now, say hello to the cat who started I Can Has A Cheez Burger!

Heres the Happiest cat in the world, Happy Cat! This fat cat has such a happy grin, that you just want to give him that cheese burger! This is the cat that is thought to have started it all.


2 Responses to LolCats: The History

  1. Suppa Crimson Crumbles says:

    Epic! Never knew that! Ow the first cat looks so cute! I bet u deep down hes planning how to lead a evil bunny attack >:3

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