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Mr.Tentacles Vs. Dr.Octopus

Who Is Better? You Decide! Mr. Tentacles: Has a Wife, a son, and is Ovah 9000. That’s alot working for him. However, he is also a little older, and he is Suffering from Radiation Posoining because people keep Nuking his … Continue reading

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New “Timed Hats” Review

A New Genre of hats has appeared in the Catalog recently, Timed hats, doing exactly what you expect, instead of having a limited amount of Items to buy, you have a limited amount of time to buy it,  A Good … Continue reading

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“New ROBLOX Theme” Review

The New ROBLOX theme not only is a sleek new, Attractive look for newcommers, but it also allows for some keen insight on the direction ROBLOX is planning to travel. The Heading shows buildings, animals, pirates, ninjas, and some noob … Continue reading

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Welcome to the first in a series of Segments I like to call “Blargg” These Segments are about doing an investigaton on people that are often flamed, to see if they really deserve it. We’ll do our best to be … Continue reading

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Poll Time!: Prices of Gear

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to debate. Many people have whined, complained, begged suggested that the admins upload some gear for Tickets, so NBCers can afford SOMETHING. Do you agree with this idea?

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Poll Time! Save the Whales, or Nuke Them?

Do you agree with Telamon’s wretched ways, or are you a peace-loving whale protector?

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Robloxians “has ubah pewr gramur”

                                                                                        I noticed that as roblox gets more popular, the average age of players has dropped significantly. It also seems like younger kids use worse grammar, probably to be cool. Here’s some quotes from some PMs I get: “So … Continue reading

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ROBLOX gear surprises us all…

     Several months ago, many of us feared that ROBLOX was taking a drastic turn for the worst when it added the Chat function and all the new bodies. We worried that ROBLOX was beginning to sacrifice it’s Building … Continue reading

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