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Poll Time! :D or :)

Yes, that’s right, you need to pick which smiley face emoticon you use more! Advertisements

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Public Domain Ads!!!

For those loyal few who are always checking this blog, Here is a present! I Made these two Ads for our fans so that YOU can spread the word of Telamons Magic finger! It has my name on it, Keep … Continue reading

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New Summer Desktop!

I Had this Idea yesterday when the temperature was so hot, you could fry eggs on the Sidewalk (Cliche for the Win!) What you see here is a Snowman (Or as i like to call them, Snowbloxians) Melting under the … Continue reading

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Funny Video: Randumbness

Here’s a low-quality, dumb roblox video I made.

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Find a Pet For the Person Above Your Comment!

I just got bored and wanted to see how many of our awesome blog-followers actually commented on stuff. Sooo… Post a comment and pick a pet for the person who commented before you, judging by their name. No picking pets … Continue reading

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Poll Time! Save the Whales, or Nuke Them?

Do you agree with Telamon’s wretched ways, or are you a peace-loving whale protector?

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OROR? Yes. That’s right. You decide. Waffles, pancakes, or toast?

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