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New Desktops!

I Would Like to Apologize to all you Fans out there for not Posting the last few days, We’ve all had a lot to do this week, However, i’ve had time to make some pretty Pwnsome Desktops! Just Click the … Continue reading

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“New ROBLOX Theme” Review

The New ROBLOX theme not only is a sleek new, Attractive look for newcommers, but it also allows for some keen insight on the direction ROBLOX is planning to travel. The Heading shows buildings, animals, pirates, ninjas, and some noob … Continue reading

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Public Domain Ads!!!

For those loyal few who are always checking this blog, Here is a present! I Made these two Ads for our fans so that YOU can spread the word of Telamons Magic finger! It has my name on it, Keep … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m the New Guy

Hi There! To tell you the truth, I’m not actually new, i was originally supposed to be with Green, Union, And Piggy, but i was busy reading an Awesome Series of books and was too busy to make time for … Continue reading

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New Summer Desktop!

I Had this Idea yesterday when the temperature was so hot, you could fry eggs on the Sidewalk (Cliche for the Win!) What you see here is a Snowman (Or as i like to call them, Snowbloxians) Melting under the … Continue reading

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Subscribe Via RSS or E-mail to get Constant Updates… And to Save A Puppy

Subscribe to The House of the Cynical Roblox Ranters by looking at the right side of the screen and going to Email Subscription, then clicking “Subscribe to Save a Puppy’s Life”. Every time you subscribe, you save a puppy. (Not … Continue reading

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The Official ROBLOX Ranters Desktop!

For those of you who love this Three day-old blog so much that you Want to see it’s Authors every time you log in, i give you: OUR DESKTOP! HUZZAH! *WARNING* Any Head explosions or Memory loss or Zero gravity … Continue reading

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“Brighteyes’ Super Secret Non-Hat”: What Could it be?

   We all know that when BrightEyes releases a hat, its something created by a user that got popular. What could it be? Could it be pinkpiggy3’s Checkered Fedora, or wargarkaz’s Elite Shades or something different? We won’t know until ROBLOX … Continue reading

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Post Ambassador Links Here!

Wanna earn an extra 2 Tix a day? Then post your ambassador program link here! I play ROBLOX and my account name is Greenmonkey7 in roblox <- Redundant ambassador link is redundant.

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