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Poll Time! :D or :)

Yes, that’s right, you need to pick which smiley face emoticon you use more! Advertisements

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Poll Time!: Prices of Gear

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to debate. Many people have whined, complained, begged suggested that the admins upload some gear for Tickets, so NBCers can afford SOMETHING. Do you agree with this idea?

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Funny Video: Randumbness

Here’s a low-quality, dumb roblox video I made.

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“Formula R Remote Control Car” Gear Review

   You can tell just by the name of this gear that it’s awesome. I mean, it RHYMES! The gear does exactly what it says; deploy a car and move around using WASD. I bought this gear with high expectations, … Continue reading

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The Stalker Bin

Now that I’ve disabled PMing me to the general Roblox public, I’ve decided to post this for my stalkers to ask me questions here. I will pick the best 5 questions then answer them in a future post. Start posting!

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Find a Pet For the Person Above Your Comment!

I just got bored and wanted to see how many of our awesome blog-followers actually commented on stuff. Sooo… Post a comment and pick a pet for the person who commented before you, judging by their name. No picking pets … Continue reading

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Subscribe Via RSS or E-mail to get Constant Updates… And to Save A Puppy

Subscribe to The House of the Cynical Roblox Ranters by looking at the right side of the screen and going to Email Subscription, then clicking “Subscribe to Save a Puppy’s Life”. Every time you subscribe, you save a puppy. (Not … Continue reading

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Poll Time! Save the Whales, or Nuke Them?

Do you agree with Telamon’s wretched ways, or are you a peace-loving whale protector?

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“Brighteyes’ Super Secret Non-Hat”: What Could it be?

   We all know that when BrightEyes releases a hat, its something created by a user that got popular. What could it be? Could it be pinkpiggy3’s Checkered Fedora, or wargarkaz’s Elite Shades or something different? We won’t know until ROBLOX … Continue reading

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