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“Cuddly Killer Whale” Review

When I first saw this hat, i thought it would cover your whole head, so I bought. When I wore it, I thought to myself, “I just wasted 80 R$!”  Hat goes on top of your head, and actually does not look … Continue reading

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“Ronald McCenturion” Review

 This hat is one of the many limited hats,  and it is also a very good limited hat unlike others. I’d say it is one of the best Roman helmets for its design, color, and lack of noobyness.  This hat is … Continue reading

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“Magic Ninja” Gear Review

The magic Ninja gear is selling a lot because of its low price of 130R$, and because it is said to camouflage you to look like whatever you throw it at. When I got it I was thinking that when … Continue reading

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Pinkpiggy3 Has Started a New Group!

I have started the group ” R.O.B.L.O.X” (Roblox Organized Battelion League Of Xeno-Bloxxers). It’s going to be a serious, but unique, war/military group. It has many ranks and strong allies. If you’re interested about it, go here: R.O.B.L.O.X.

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Unpopular Hats: Skunk Hat

The skunk hat is the worst selling hat of the week! I understand why it’s not selling too  much. First of all, the price, it’s 75R$ just for a cheap retexture of the epic coonskin hat. Second, the retexture made the … Continue reading

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