Good Bye

I apear to be eather the one who gets the honor or the only one who’s bothering to sign off on you guys. It is completely plausible that no one will ever read this but now that as currupt as roblox has become it was one the best place I ever had the joy to be part of but now as it grows and the member becime angrier and angrier Greemonkey7 UnionJack96 (Possibly Pinkpiggy3) and I have left roblox and we have no attension to going back. I believe i see more writing in the future on a new blog while it is clear that Green and Union have fallen into the world of violence known as World of War Craft so i say bye for them and get the final sign off. Before i do though i believe one rating is left to be done. ROBLOX.

Quality: 4


Downfall: Themselfs


Original fun creativity that once exsited on the website i have come to love and now nonregretfull remove myslef from:10

This is Ultrajcool2 or Deduction signing off.

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4 Responses to Good Bye

  1. Imatu says:

    … Bye… :,(

  2. Deduction says:

    I forgot you! Ah dang!

  3. orb291 says:

    bye best blog on roblox and. BOOOOO!!!!! to al the corruption

  4. GotGass says:

    I’m going to miss you
    I hope you find what your looking for. 🙂

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