New “Timed Hats” Review

A New Genre of hats has appeared in the Catalog recently, Timed hats, doing exactly what you expect, instead of having a limited amount of Items to buy, you have a limited amount of time to buy it,  A Good Idea Indeed.

So Far there have been Three Timed hats:

1: Secret Order of Tempus Fugit

2: Trancient Harmonica

3: Bling $$ Necklace

All Relatively Good Hats, except for the Bling Necklace, wich is supposedly a VERY bad hat according to many of it’s comments. the “Tempus Fugit” hat looks awesome in my opinion, and it’s also the first timed hat, hence the word “Tempus” wich means time.

These hats introduce a new Type of rarity for you Collectors out there, Some will be collectable, some, not so much.


About Detective Phillip

Being a part-time Detecitve is a tough job, especially when reality keeps trying to sneak into my mind.
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