“Roboladybug” Review

The Way this hat looks in the Catalog is a little Misleading. It gives you the false impression that the back is sort of a Hood over a metal mask, When in reality, it is really just a thick mask with an interesting design and Antenni.It fits on your head just as you would assume it would. Because it’s just a Mask.

However, it does add to a growing part of ROBLOX culture, you’ll notice similiar styles in both the “Carbot” Hat and the “Tribot”  Hat, and if ROBLOX continues making this type of hat, you’ll have a new series of hats.

Combo-Wise, since this is a Rather big Helmet, Any street hats (Bowlers, Fedora’s etc.) wouldn’t look very good with it. You may have some success with outrageous novelty hats, but very few.

My Overall rating? 

Looks: 6/10 

Combo possibility: 2/10 

ROBLOX culture: 7/10 

Overall Score: 5/10


About Detective Phillip

Being a part-time Detecitve is a tough job, especially when reality keeps trying to sneak into my mind.
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