Beep-Beep-Beep Three hunched figures stand over a stained operating table, they work endlessly over some chunk of meat lying on the table. Tubes run through the hunk of meat as life sustain minerals travel through somehow keeping it alive “I’m telling you the transfusion won’t work.” Says one of the scientists. “We have no other choice” says scientist number two. “There is always a choice” Says number three. “We just have to make it”.

 “This is insanity!” Number one mutters. “Who are we to play god!” No one speaks. “We aren’t god your right were just twisting the laws he’s written to make something new there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“You’re insane” Whispers number one. “I have been a religious man my whole life and if I have learned anything I learned that you cannot create life!” Exasperated he leaves the room and throws away his blood stained gloves. Numbers turns to get him, but number three stops him, “We have more important matters to attend to we must finish the procedure. We will soon deal with the trader.

So the two figures return to their work over there sponge of meat quietly adding to it as it grows into a humanoid form. Hours later as the figure is close to complete they reunite the final piece with the horrifying figure, the head. As the scientist mad as they are finish of the final stitches number one sneaks in behind them wielding club, “Back away from the creature.” He whispers, the scientist continue their work. Speaking up this time he repeats “Back away from the creature!” the startled scientist jump out of their skins. Spinning around on their heels the Scientists glare at their former college, “don’t be a fool!” Snarls Number three.

“I’m sorry,” says number one “this creature will spell the end of mankind and I cannot let that happen. I may be a religious man but I will not let you two stop me.” Number One raises the club above his head, “So move” he says, bringing the club crashing down the Scientist jump out o the way. The club held in the hands of the would be hero of mankind thumps down against the heart that lies inside of the creature, the heart beats. “How stupid are you!” yells number three “That so called ‘creature’ is a scientific brake through we can now create life! Can you not see the endless possibilities that could possible come from that?”

          A wind picks up in the windowless room but it goes unnoticed by the men. “You’re a Mad Man! You Are Not God! It Is Not Your Place to Create Life!” Screams Number one “But It Is I Have! I Can Control The Universe!” Yells the insane Number Three, but his glory is short lived, for on the keen ear of the creature that Number Three gave life The Argument does not go unnoticed.The creature eye begins to glow as it is slowly woken from its limbo between life and death. So caught up in argument are the men that the creature goes unnoticed as it slowly sits up on the blood stained table and takes in it’s the surrounding. The creature’s clawed hands grip the table and it folds underneath them like butter. The creature takes in a deep breath and lets out a roar. One and Two dare not look, but Number Three looks at its creation with almost a loving look in his eyes.

          Number One and Two run away in fear leaving Three to his own demise a halo of power circles the creatures head pulling and tugging at what laid in the room in a searching manner then when the tendrils found what they were searching for it flew to its head. Medical books. Circling the creatures head the books settled around it and it absorbs the information within. The eyes of the creature glint at its creature and with Medical precision he kills him.
          Bookzilla is born

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6 Responses to Bookzilla

  1. Deduction says:

    So what did you guys think?

  2. dj291 says:

    very good now only if school books were this interesting

  3. Amazing. You made a hat on roblox become a horror story.

  4. Deduction says:

    I’m cool that way

  5. Deduction says:

    Pluss i allways viewed bookzilla as a horror story

  6. Union the Quite Contrary says:

    Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuunnn!

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