“Blow Dryer” Gear Review


Personally, This is one of my all-time favorite gears simply because of the Absurdity and originality of this gear.

The Description Reads: “Point and hold down the left mouse button to unleash a stream of hot air that will blow the competition away”  And that’s exactly what it does. It’s relayively effective, the only difference between this and the staff of winds is that it shoots bubbles (Wich doesn’t make any sense beacuse it’s a hair dryer, not a bubble blower.)

Besides blowing people about 40 Studs away, this gear doesn’t do much else, but it’s better than the staff of winds and Funnier too. I Suggest this to anybody who already has a full arsenal of weapons meant for pain.

Genres: Town and City

Attributes: Ranged Weapon, Navigation Enhancer

Range: 5/10

Accuracy: 6/10

Roblox Culture: 8/10

Damage: 2/10

Extra Effects: 3/10

Overall Rating: 4.8/10


About Detective Phillip

Being a part-time Detecitve is a tough job, especially when reality keeps trying to sneak into my mind.
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2 Responses to “Blow Dryer” Gear Review

  1. its fun for pwning nubs

  2. It’s fun for glitching when you’re lagging, so you can fly whilst knocking noobs off the map.

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