Welcome to the first in a series of Segments I like to call “Blargg”

These Segments are about doing an investigaton on people that are often flamed, to see if they really deserve it. We’ll do our best to be Objective.


SonictheHedgehogxx is known for Copying, Cheating, and Slithering his way to fame. But on the other hand, many people feel sympathetic toward him for being picked on so much, and he has “Quit” ROBLOX Several Times.

The Opinon of most people who Don’t Hate Him:

These people beleive that Sonic is a Kind, Fun-Loving person, and people shouldn’t be so upset about the “Little” things he has done. Some of these people don’t even beleive he did these things, But since proof exsists that he did, I rule them out.

The Opinion of most of the people that Do:

These people beleive that sonic is an Ad copying, Free-model Using Noob, who has been placed in a state of power he doesn’t deserve.

My Personal Evaluation:

I Know for a fact that sonic steals ads, he’s stolen mine. I also know that he uses free-models for the basis of almost all of his games. Personality wise, he may be a “Nice” person, but he has also manipulated people into Pitying him, by whining about everyone is so mean and he’s going to “Quit” ROBLOX, he uses the sympathy that get’s stirred up so he can make more money, and it works. Besides, The Main reasons why people hate him is because he does horrible things in connection to the world of Building, and since ROBLOX is (Or was) completely based around building, shouldn’t his ability to handle that be fairly more important than his personality? (Exxagerated as it may be)


About Detective Phillip

Being a part-time Detecitve is a tough job, especially when reality keeps trying to sneak into my mind.
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6 Responses to Blargg

  1. Deuction says:

    I agree with those who despise him

  2. Doghammer says:

    To my opinion. the X-101st Legion is ALOT better since sonic came around. Wich is kind of sad since it used to be so nooby

  3. ummmmm i think hes cool i talked to him but its no excuse to take credit for peoeple work so i kinda despise him..

    • Copying people’s work then giving no credit whatsoever to the original creators is plagerism. If roblox weren’t a game, then people would sue him. Lots and lots of people would sue him….

  4. peyquinn says:

    He is also very very very weak XD

  5. Union the Quite Contrary says:


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