The Stalker Bin

Now that I’ve disabled PMing me to the general Roblox public, I’ve decided to post this for my stalkers to ask me questions here. I will pick the best 5 questions then answer them in a future post. Start posting!

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10 Responses to The Stalker Bin

  1. idkhaxmaybe says:

    Are you looking forward to the ‘supposed’ server maintainance this fall?

    • They’ll be doing a server maintainance? A REAL server maintainance!?!?!?!?! That means, if it’s successful, noobs will quit whining about how, for people with cruddy computers, Epic Boss Fights lags.

      • idkhaxmaybe says:

        Like I said, they will ‘supposedly’ be doing a server maintainance, currently it’s a rumor.

  2. Kildato says:

    Hio, Kildato here. I was just wondering, since this website it pretty new, if I could be a volunteer journalist on here? I love the website, and I think I’d make a good effort to help with it. 😀

    Thanks again,

  3. Union the Quite Contrary says:

    Well, Kidalto, your Input is Appreciated and if you say something useful we may use it. However, it is sort of an Unspoken rule that we don’t have any members of this blog that we haven’t made in real life. There is a slim chance we may change our minds, but it’s slim. But we appreciate you loyalty to us and we hope to hear from you more.

  4. Union the Quite Contrary says:

    I didn’t mean “Made in real life” i Meant “Met In real Life” we should really be allowed to edit my comments.

  5. You can, it’s right next to the time/date that you posted it.

  6. Deduction says:

    Bwahahahahahaha random you ask? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *cough *cough

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