Guide to Make Pwnsome Clothes With Photoshop: Part 1

For those of you who know me on ROBLOX, you know i make pretty awesome clothes and such. For those of you who don’t, i make most of the pictures you see on this blog, there is perhaps two i didn’t make. I have gotten many requests from many people that they wan’t me to teach them how to be so good at making shirts. But i don’t have the time to teach 300 kids how to use an expensive program… so i’m writing this.

Part 1: Introduction

Forst of all, This Guide is for teaching you how to make Awesome ROBLOX clothes using Adobe Photoshop and only photoshop. First of all, you’ll need Adobe photoshop or adobe photoshop elements. Elements is cheaper but slightly harder to find.

Second, make sure you have room on your computer, because my instructions call for alot of seperate files, and thats not even counting the shirts you’ll want to make anyway! You’ll need to create a bunch of Folders too. First Create a Folder Entitled “ROBLOX Stuff” In this folder, create 4 new folders. Shirts, Pants, Ads, And templates. If you feel like loosing all your files, all the folders but templates are optional.

For those of you who don’t know, a template is a photoshop file that can be used over and over again. (I.E. You make a storm trooper shirt and you keep a template so you can change the color and make more) I’ll include more information next time, but until then…

T.T.F.N. (Ta Ta For Now!)


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Being a part-time Detecitve is a tough job, especially when reality keeps trying to sneak into my mind.
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    Really nice blog here. Cheers, Tomasz Haracz.

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