Poll Time!: Prices of Gear

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to debate. Many people have whined, complained, begged suggested that the admins upload some gear for Tickets, so NBCers can afford SOMETHING. Do you agree with this idea?

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3 Responses to Poll Time!: Prices of Gear

  1. Doghammer says:

    I mean really. W BCers pay money per monthly (Inless you have Lifetime) So we should get our very own special things from the NBC they just need to learn to wait and save up, but their to impatient

  2. i disagreee i mean lek atleast liek 2 or 3 gears that are only tix dosent matter if its crappy just somthign cause us bcers can get anythign but they cant so i think they should.

  3. Dispisser says:

    Good point but still. They get free gears on the contest if you didn’t notice that already. so I agree with Dog.

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