“Formula R Remote Control Car” Gear Review

   You can tell just by the name of this gear that it’s awesome. I mean, it RHYMES! The gear does exactly what it says; deploy a car and move around using WASD. I bought this gear with high expectations, and wasn’t let down. When clicking the steering wheel, a nice-looking little car appears and you can drive it around. It handles fairly well, although, like it’s cousin, the paper airplane, it’s nearly impossible to use at a laggy place. It’s good for having fun, confusing noobs and guests (which is really fun, especially when they decide to chase the car around), entering enemy bases, testing the “PICK THE RITE PATH OLOL” in obbys, and for racing. But that’s not all. If you hold W and S at the same time you can burnout, making an annoying screeching sound and some smoke.

Genres: Sports, Town and City

Attributes: Social

Effectiveness/Use: 9/10

Fun/LOL Factor: 9/10

Roblox Culture: 7/10 (Because robloxians need a little fun in their culture)

Extra Effects: 8/10

Overall: 8.25

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