“Skull Cap” Review

This hat may possibly be the worst hat ever published in the History of ROBLOX.

First of all, ROBLOX has made plenty of Skull hats already, another was just adding on to the Soon-to-be Cliche. Although, unlike others, it doesn’t cover your face. It’s a like a Bike Helmet, or an actual Skull cap. It’s an Interesting play on words, but REALLY not worth it.

The Reason it’s so Incredibly bad is the way it fits. From the catalog image, it looks pretty cool, but in-game it’s awful. The back of the skull hangs incredibly far over your head, And the bone straps fall in a way that makes it look like Ugly dredlocks. It’s also at an Angle, so not only is it sticking far off the back of your head, but it’s tilted, so it looks like it’s falling down.

As for Hat Combinations, not many hats could balance out the Epic fail ROBLOX had, so you’ll always look a little weird. However, Any mask you wear will take a little Attention away from it. If your looking for a cool hat, skip this one. It shouldn’t even be in the Catalog.

My Overall rating? 

Looks: 1/10 

Combo possibility: 2/10 

ROBLOX culture: 5/10 

Overall Score: 2.6/10


About Detective Phillip

Being a part-time Detecitve is a tough job, especially when reality keeps trying to sneak into my mind.
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2 Responses to “Skull Cap” Review

  1. Doghammer says:

    Thanks for the Info. I was gonna get it but now i know not to.

  2. Union the Quite Contrary says:

    That’s what we’re here for.

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