“Magic Ninja” Gear Review

The magic Ninja gear is selling a lot because of its low price of 130R$, and because it is said to camouflage you to look like whatever you throw it at. When I got it I was thinking that when I threw the magic ninja at a brick, i would turn into the brick, so i bought the gear. I was disappointed that it only made your character transparent and have the color of the brick. But the gear is still very good when trying to sneak into an enemy base or trying to running away.

Stealth: 6/10

Elusive Tactics: 4/10

Overall: 5/10

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3 Responses to “Magic Ninja” Gear Review

  1. idkhaxmaybe says:

    If you stand against a transparent decal on a invisible brick, you will be completely unseen.

  2. Doghammer says:

    Yeah alot of gears now are getting VERY dissipointing.

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