8-Bit Throwing Barrel: Gear of Kings-Er… Apes


This barrel is one of my favorite gears out there. It’s not selling very much, because of its high price of 300 R$, and also because no one wants to visit a spammer’s gear testing place to see what it does. When I first equipped the gear, I was disappointed. It was just a retexture of the barrel o’ monkeys. Then I used the gear and was amazed. The barrel grows, and you hurl it in front of you, knocking down and damaging all enemies in its path. It also can cross entire baseplates in a matter of seconds, giving it very good range. If you spam this weapon, it can be abuseful, as your victim won’t be able to stand back up, but it’s still as fun as an 8-Bit Throwing Barrel o’ Monkeys.

Genres: LOL, Wild West

Attributes: Ranged Weapon

Range: 10/10

Accuracy: 8/10

Roblox Culture: 3/10

Damage: 8/10

Extra Effects: 10/10

Overall Rating: 7.8/10

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2 Responses to 8-Bit Throwing Barrel: Gear of Kings-Er… Apes

  1. Union the Quite Contrary says:

    I Agree. I just bought the gear as wekk and BOY does it PWN!

  2. Doghammer says:

    Yeah when i went to the free model section i tryed it out at first i thought it was going to be horriable..then when i tired it it was better then het staff of winds.

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