Solar Conquest Review

does this ROBLOX classic deserve it’s popularity?

It’s a basicly well put together Role-playing game, but theres not much more than that. You have several planets, many with a team, you have a rocket (A basic brick, nothing else.) and some build tools, and  a plane tool. The Spaceships are pretty standard, with two different kinds of weapons. The Rockets DO have a So-So GUI, but it doesn’t do much.

A recently updated version now has textures on all the planets, wich makes it look a little better, but hard to play on older computers. wich isn’t great for me.

There really isn’t much to the game, but sometimes that’s what people want.

Role-playability: 8/10

Tools: 5/10

Originality: 7/10

Overall Score: 7/10


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5 Responses to Solar Conquest Review

  1. Dediction says:

    Absolutly it’s WAS original when it first came so personely i think you grade to harhly it’s the only game that like it that has good qualtiy and personelly i like building secret nations that envelope the entire game untill you rule everyone. -Dediction

  2. Imatu says:

    I like the game, I think it’s really fun. Your views are valid, and you’re correct, it is what the people want. Basic “blow-it-up” type game, with space and flying around. Easy to play, and a way to kill time for a while.

  3. Union the Quite Contrary says:

    I Agree with you both. Originally, i hadn’t known it was original at the time. Even so, i still think it’s a 7/10 game.

  4. Doghammer says:

    I agree aswell but to me its a 8/10 the GUIs give it a boost to my ratings.

  5. DuckyRoanNubbles - I still want grape juice. says:

    I disagree with originality. At the time there was really nothing like it. It’s only now that there are other interplanetary build-war-roleplays.

    Also, it IS fun.

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