ROBLOX gear surprises us all…


Several months ago, many of us feared that ROBLOX was taking a drastic turn for the worst when it added the Chat function and all the new bodies. We worried that ROBLOX was beginning to sacrifice it’s Building game charm so it could be another Facebook Rip-off. Our fears weren’t completely wrong; we still have a very Face-book esc website, However, we were wrong in the aspect that ROBLOX was ignoring out plea for in-game updates. Yes, I’m talking about fire. Fire was something that ROBLOX users have wanted since 06′ and we finally got it, better than most of us anticipated. (Unfortunately for greenmonkey7 he wasn’t the first to make his Dream-flamethrower, Boo Hoo) 

 As for other In-Game aspects, Gear has had an excellent comeback as well. After the release of the Freeze-Ray and Paintball guns, the Catalog has been a never ending Storm of rather effective gear. From Dance potions, to cloning, to remote control cars! These gear are very popular because it’s something that doesn’t just make your head big, or makes a noise, they actually do something! The bodies aren’t half bad either, less people wear them than I expected anyway, so I am Content. 

 Hopefully ROBLOX will continue to improve their Programs, and work a little less on their Facebook-Esc website.


About Detective Phillip

Being a part-time Detecitve is a tough job, especially when reality keeps trying to sneak into my mind.
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