“★Most Funest Cart Ride Into New Updates classic★” Place Review.

Today, I will be reviewing this cart ride place… 

    Already, at first glance, the place seems… unprofessional. The title has a grammatical error, last time I checked, “Funest” is not a word, and the description says: “This place is Epic Super Fun Cart Ride Into zombie..plzz fav this place thanks..PLZZ SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST THANKS…COMMANDS R COMING BACK SOON…” Yeah…

   As soon as I enter, I regret it, realizing that this place allows weapon gears… So it’s a slaughter fest. Luckily, me and my 15 swords managed to blox my way to the track. The carts were hard to launch, as a guest was jammed in the track where they spawn, spinning and knocking them off the baseplate.  

   After a while I managed to get a cart going. The track is free-modeled, the cart is free-modeled, and the skybox is free-modeled. Flame me all you want, but I do NOT support free models. Also, the ride is very lame. There’s no tunnels, nothing that pops out at you, nothing cool happens, it’s just turning and going up ramps. Oh yeah, you also fall off the track a lot.

So very lame...

   I have NOT managed to get a cart to the end. Too many noobs stand in the track and jam your cart, or the cart just falls off. I have seen people who have made it to the end and I know that they get a free-modeled fly tool, but I think that’s it.

   Personally, I rate this place 1.5/10 stars. It’s poorly made, free modeled, not exciting, and attracts a LOT of noobs. I didn’t rate it 0 because I’ve actually seen worse.

   My suggestion? Don’t even bother giving the creator of that place a visit, it’ll be a part of your life you will never get back.

This has been an exciting review by Greenmonkey7.

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One Response to “★Most Funest Cart Ride Into New Updates classic★” Place Review.

  1. Union the Quite Contrary says:

    Yeah, i beat the game. it was rather dissapointing for me as well…

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