Idea Bin: Epic Boss Fights

   With EBF’s ever-growing popularity, I needed a place where competent people can suggest ideas for future updates. This will be that place. Leave a comment about any ideas you might have about improving EBF.

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5 Responses to Idea Bin: Epic Boss Fights

  1. Union the Quite Contrary says:

    Doctor Octagonapus and his Son.

  2. bootboy says:

    I have an idea you could do a shoop da whoop also most of these bosses at the moment do not attack make them walk about (or slide) and attack itll be awesome coz ull have to have skill to get them and some of the enimes should be really fast but their attacks don’t do much damage and others should be really slow but their attack does more damage

    oh and if you make them walk dont make them like zombies and follow you every where

    message me if u receive my idea and if u act on it! 🙂 my account name on roblox is bootboy

  3. bootboy says:

    sorry when i said at the moment do not atack i ment say They do not atack *hits self* im a naughty boy i have poor grammar

  4. Shadowthehenghog says:

    Make a gLaDoS

  5. hi =P says:

    make Sasuke50897

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