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Good Bye

I apear to be eather the one who gets the honor or the only one who’s bothering to sign off on you guys. It is completely plausible that no one will ever read this but now that as currupt as … Continue reading

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Mr.Tentacles Vs. Dr.Octopus

Who Is Better? You Decide! Mr. Tentacles: Has a Wife, a son, and is Ovah 9000. That’s alot working for him. However, he is also a little older, and he is Suffering from Radiation Posoining because people keep Nuking his … Continue reading

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New Desktops!

I Would Like to Apologize to all you Fans out there for not Posting the last few days, We’ve all had a lot to do this week, However, i’ve had time to make some pretty Pwnsome Desktops! Just Click the … Continue reading

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New “Timed Hats” Review

A New Genre of hats has appeared in the Catalog recently, Timed hats, doing exactly what you expect, instead of having a limited amount of Items to buy, you have a limited amount of time to buy it,  A Good … Continue reading

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“Cardboard Box” Review

Almost Any Veteran can tell right away that this hat is ROBLOX’s New Paper Bag Hat, but it’s a box! As for looks, nothing could be simpler, it’s a Box, over your head with holes for your eyes and mouth. … Continue reading

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“New ROBLOX Theme” Review

The New ROBLOX theme not only is a sleek new, Attractive look for newcommers, but it also allows for some keen insight on the direction ROBLOX is planning to travel. The Heading shows buildings, animals, pirates, ninjas, and some noob … Continue reading

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Poll Time! :D or :)

Yes, that’s right, you need to pick which smiley face emoticon you use more!

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“Mathmagician” Review

          Out of all the hats I have I must say that this is one of my favorites. I love the Originality Of the hat. I mean it’s a wizard that loves math! For hat combos there not very many … Continue reading

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Public Domain Ads!!!

For those loyal few who are always checking this blog, Here is a present! I Made these two Ads for our fans so that YOU can spread the word of Telamons Magic finger! It has my name on it, Keep … Continue reading

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“Roboladybug” Review

The Way this hat looks in the Catalog is a little Misleading. It gives you the false impression that the back is sort of a Hood over a metal mask, When in reality, it is really just a thick mask … Continue reading

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