Good Bye

I apear to be eather the one who gets the honor or the only one who’s bothering to sign off on you guys. It is completely plausible that no one will ever read this but now that as currupt as roblox has become it was one the best place I ever had the joy to be part of but now as it grows and the member becime angrier and angrier Greemonkey7 UnionJack96 (Possibly Pinkpiggy3) and I have left roblox and we have no attension to going back. I believe i see more writing in the future on a new blog while it is clear that Green and Union have fallen into the world of violence known as World of War Craft so i say bye for them and get the final sign off. Before i do though i believe one rating is left to be done. ROBLOX.

Quality: 4


Downfall: Themselfs


Original fun creativity that once exsited on the website i have come to love and now nonregretfull remove myslef from:10

This is Ultrajcool2 or Deduction signing off.

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Mr.Tentacles Vs. Dr.Octopus

Who Is Better? You Decide!

Mr. Tentacles: Has a Wife, a son, and is Ovah 9000. That’s alot working for him. However, he is also a little older, and he is Suffering from Radiation Posoining because people keep Nuking his prey: The Whale.

Dr. Octopus: He’s not Married, but he does have a medical degree, wich means he can get any job he wants.  He also is named after the first Supervillian to defeat Spider-Man. He’s also Named after Dr.Octagonapus, who is Incredibly Epic.

You Can’t deny, they both PWN, but who pwns more? Remember, we’re not deciding between Octopi and Squids, (Because we all know Squids Pwn more because they flash different colors and the Giant squid grows up to 60 Ft. Pwnage) No, we’re deciding between two specific ROBLOX Culturual Idols.

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New Desktops!

I Would Like to Apologize to all you Fans out there for not Posting the last few days, We’ve all had a lot to do this week, However, i’ve had time to make some pretty Pwnsome Desktops! Just Click the Desktop Tab at the Top of the page. To set it up just right Click the picture you want and select “Set as Background” Ta-Da!

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New “Timed Hats” Review

A New Genre of hats has appeared in the Catalog recently, Timed hats, doing exactly what you expect, instead of having a limited amount of Items to buy, you have a limited amount of time to buy it,  A Good Idea Indeed.

So Far there have been Three Timed hats:

1: Secret Order of Tempus Fugit

2: Trancient Harmonica

3: Bling $$ Necklace

All Relatively Good Hats, except for the Bling Necklace, wich is supposedly a VERY bad hat according to many of it’s comments. the “Tempus Fugit” hat looks awesome in my opinion, and it’s also the first timed hat, hence the word “Tempus” wich means time.

These hats introduce a new Type of rarity for you Collectors out there, Some will be collectable, some, not so much.

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“Cardboard Box” Review

Almost Any Veteran can tell right away that this hat is ROBLOX’s New Paper Bag Hat, but it’s a box!

As for looks, nothing could be simpler, it’s a Box, over your head with holes for your eyes and mouth. I actually think it’s pretty cool. However, it does have weird blushes painted on the box, but they’re faint, so it doesn’t look to bad.

It fits on your head as you would expect, straight off, no angles. Most faces look okay with it.

My Overall rating? 

Looks: 7/10 

Combo possibility: 2/10 

ROBLOX culture: 9/10 

Overall Score: 6/10

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“New ROBLOX Theme” Review

The New ROBLOX theme not only is a sleek new, Attractive look for newcommers, but it also allows for some keen insight on the direction ROBLOX is planning to travel. The Heading shows buildings, animals, pirates, ninjas, and some noob on a motorcycle. This implies ROBLOX is hoping to build up the gaming industry more than it has been recently. If ROBLOX was trying to make it more like Facebook, then the new theme would probably have alot more people. Not to mention the new build tools, and the quality of the new gears. ROBLOX seems to be, yet again, attempting to meet the standards of veterans. More news later.

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Poll Time! :D or :)

Yes, that’s right, you need to pick which smiley face emoticon you use more!

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“Mathmagician” Review

          Out of all the hats I have I must say that this is one of my favorites. I love the Originality Of the hat. I mean it’s a wizard that loves math! For hat combos there not very many options because of the way it grips your head. It’s very thin so any glasses just stick right out of the hat and the ninja mask stick out all the way around it. The one other problem is that the Mathmagician is BC only and I find that unfair.

My Overall rating? 

Looks: 6/10 

Combo possibility: 3/10 

ROBLOX culture: 5/10 

Overall Score: 5/10

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Public Domain Ads!!!

For those loyal few who are always checking this blog, Here is a present! I Made these two Ads for our fans so that YOU can spread the word of Telamons Magic finger! It has my name on it, Keep it that way. All you have to do is (On the place/Thing the ad leads to) Write “UnionJack96 Let me use these Ads if i told you to go to: His blawg”

I’ll make more later!

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“Roboladybug” Review

The Way this hat looks in the Catalog is a little Misleading. It gives you the false impression that the back is sort of a Hood over a metal mask, When in reality, it is really just a thick mask with an interesting design and Antenni.It fits on your head just as you would assume it would. Because it’s just a Mask.

However, it does add to a growing part of ROBLOX culture, you’ll notice similiar styles in both the “Carbot” Hat and the “Tribot”  Hat, and if ROBLOX continues making this type of hat, you’ll have a new series of hats.

Combo-Wise, since this is a Rather big Helmet, Any street hats (Bowlers, Fedora’s etc.) wouldn’t look very good with it. You may have some success with outrageous novelty hats, but very few.

My Overall rating? 

Looks: 6/10 

Combo possibility: 2/10 

ROBLOX culture: 7/10 

Overall Score: 5/10

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